Koyuki, the other side of the mirror.

The dark side of me, the persona hiding within, blog is NSFW, most likely with things that catch my fancy, as there's always something so alluring with women.
I'm always up for conversation, no matter the sort! Male.

I wonder if any of my followers are still around anymore~?

And up for a little conversation?

When the whole world wants to talk to you, yet not even a whisper from the one you want to share that world with.


-dusts off the covers-

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”
*Anyone remember me?*

So yes, I havent been here in a long while, but I am back and will respond to questions should I ever get them / more!

Or, if you even would like to just chat and things, I’m more than willing. :)
The only thing is, is that I might not reblog often.

Anonymous asked: You do exist! Thank you for answering my phone sex question :)

You’re welcome!

Do keep me update how things go, feel free to ask more, or even just to chat!

Hope the advice helped. :)